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I must admit that this is one of the coolest moments of my life. We are launching Exposed on-line and it has been a very long and challenging process that is definitely worth it. We have fantastic articles highlighting new items, tips from the professionals and awarding our contest winners their prizes for following our blogs and monthly print articles. Cheers to a fresh start!

-Michal DiAmico, Chief and Editor


We are pleased to announce our winners for our on-line photography challenge. These lucky handful were loyal followers on the weekly blogs and have been submitting their hearts our. The grand prize winner will receive a trip to Oahu, Hawaii.
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Digital Camera Review

Please help me welcome the newest DSLR camera to the photography world. Not only does it take amazing photographs, it also has a built in microphone and wireless chip to sync files automatically with your computer.
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Manual vs. Auto

Today’s tip, Automatic or Manual. Which one? There’s nothing more frustrating that getting that new camera, putting it through the paces and you realize that the camera is smaller than you imagined.
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Lens Cleaning

All digital camera lens are made of glass. With that being said; clarity and sharpness relies heavily on the surface of the glass and particles are constantly forming against the glass. Since the lens is almost impossible to keep clean all of the time, always keep a cleaning cloth nearby to clean off the smudges, dirt or dust particles.
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