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Alisse Gosset

Alisse Gosset

As a mother and wife, Alisse understands the importance of having good home cooked meals in order to promote a healthy family. She has always loved cooking ever since she started helping her mother in the kitchen and now she wants to share her passion with the rest of the world.


Top Seven Healthiest Restaurants

Have you been searching for a restaurant with a good healthy menu, but to no avail? You're not the only one. We asked our readers what they thought were the healthiest restaurants around and compiled a top seven list of the most voted. So next time you're out looking make sure to add one of these to your go to list!

  • 1. Chop't Creative Salad Company

    Offering some of the best selection of salads around (they have sandwiches too), Chop't strives towards the goal of making salads the food of tomorrow. They're another great alternative for fast food lunch!

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  • 2. Coppi's Organic

    Just as the name suggests, Coppi's is an organic restaurant that uses local organic produce and grass fed/free-ranged poultry. They boast an menu completely made of hand made meals.

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  • 3. Juice Joint Cafe

    While they're most known for their natural hand-squeezed juice blends and smoothies, the Juice Joint Cafe also offers a variety of sandwichs and salads that'll satisfy even the strictest of diets.

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  • 4. McCormick & Schmick's Seafood and Steaks

    McCormick & Schmick's offers a wide selection of seafood dishes which makes raising your mega 3 levels both simple and delicious.

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  • 5. Healthy Bites

    Healthy Bites specializes in meeting the needs of people who don't have time to cook healthy. Using ingredients from local farmers, they deliver quality meals right to your home or work.

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  • 6. Jamba Juice

    Jamba Juice is another juice and smoothie spot that offers all natural delicious drinks and tea as well as an assortment of other healthy meals such as wraps, oatmeals, and sandwiches.

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Did you know?

Drinking green tea has been proven to lower LDL cholesterol levels (but not HDL levels).

Try drinking green and black tea without any added sugars or cream to maximize the heart-healthy effect!

Diet Watch

boston market cup

One of the least likely places you would think of to get a healthy meal is Boston Market. However if you stick to their many vegetable sides and lean meats you can be sure to get great nutritional value from your meal!

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Pita Bread Vegetable Sandwich

pita vegetable sandwhich

This weeks special dish is a delicious vegetable sandwich with pita bread topped with creamy caesar salad dressing. It makes for a great low-calorie lunch!

Preparation Time:

5 mins