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course covers

  • Branding and Identity
  • Responsive Web Design

students create

  • Branding for a fictional company
  • Create a Process Book, and a Responsive Website for the company
  • Create a distinctive name, an original logo, an original tagline
  • A clearly defined message must be realized throughout both pieces.
  • The choice of typography, colors and design must serve the message and the purpose of the project.

student work

websites and process books

Kara Edwards

Process Book

Shannon Gray

Process Book

Ben Nadeau

Process Book

Brand Descriptions

Bradford Johnson

Bradford's Blends
Bradford's Blends is a café that aims to convey its quirky and charming personality, and to be the perfect place to attend events, to drink delicious beverages, and just to hang out.

To build its brand, Bradford's Blends has taken on a 50s style and a logo that is reminiscent of well-loved brands that got their start in the golden age of Hollywood.

Earth tones and a splash of green generate a feeling of charm and warmth, and images of young people enjoying themselves help create a sense of togetherness and community. The feeling of comfort formed by the combination of these images and the charm of the 1950s creates an endearing aesthetic.

Youseph, Meron Haile

Harmony is a full service landscaping company that is passionate about creating beautiful gardens for their clients.

The idea that Harmony wanted to convey is that their landscapes are not only beautiful but also calming and inspirational.

The idea of calm, beauty and inspiration is reflected in the Process Book, the Website and the Promotional piece, by the use of natural colors, inspirational images, and a clean modern design.

The name, Harmony represents the unity of nature. In the logo, the three elements above the name represent the three balanced rocks often found in Zen Gardens.

Jordan Hardy

Qi Design

Qi design is an award-winning interior design firm that specializes in creating unique environments for their clients. Qi designers create balanced atmospheres by using feng shui and applying those principles based on the lifestyles of their clients.

Qi’s branding needed to express the balance, harmony, energy and a simple sophistication. The name Qi was chosen because it represents balance and free flowing energy. The logo was kept simple in order to stay true to its meaning. Structural and space conscious designs were used throughout the website, promotional piece and process book. The colors gray, green and white were chosen because they provide a tranquil sophistication without being overwhelming.