Judith Desplechin's faculty site


course covers

  • Semantic html and element attributes
  • Css - complex selectors, @font-face, 2D animation
  • Viewport - importance for displaying on different media
  • Writing for the web
  • Web standards history and purpose: Doctype, DOM, javaScript, html, javaScript, CSS
  • Online Resources: web organizations, tools, information, inspiration, bloggers, designers and more
  • Designing for the web and current trends

students create

  • A website using semantic markup with a variety of page layouts with flexible widths, working form, table, list, info-graphics, @font-face.
  • Information Architechture
    Wire Frames
  • W3C Validation
  • Final Presentation
  • Final test - both questions and pratical

student work


Benford, Heaven - Wild Spokane

Bhiraban, Thitima - Vatica Vatican City

Domino, Daniel - Adventure in Austin

Elam, Meghan - Unwind in Napa
Ferrufino, Amilcar - Fishin in Lorton
Kong, Heymi  - Coney Island
Leffers, Alex - Get Outside, Portland

Nadeau, Ben - Surfs Up
Nkoma, Ntungamili - Washington Monuments

Ouedraogo, Mohamed - London Times

Rivera, Alessandra - Boulder City

Thomas, Kelly - Hey Sidney
Valero, Luisa - Baltimore Aquarium
Wyatt, Russell - Exploring Richmond


Bhiraban, Thitima
Domino, Daniel
Elam, Meghan
Kong, Heymi
Ouedraogo, Mohamed
Thomas, Kelly
Valero, Luisa