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course covers

  • User Centered Web Design
    Gestalt - Principles of Perception, Fitts, Hicks, Ockham, Recognition vs Recall, Affordance, Framing, Human Interface Principles and other related information
  • The importance of Color and Fonts
  • Schemes and Labeling
  • Information Architecture info here
  • Testing -and Focus Group info here
    Student create their own individual web site but work in groups to give and received feedback on their web design and content. Each group creates a form which contains user centered criteria for testing. They then use the form to test the individual work from another group. Once the testing is completed each student writes a report based on the results of the testing of their own site and any changes they may have made.
  • Dreamweaver is introduced - students then can choose whether or not to use Dreamweaver or coding to create their site, most choose coding.

students create

  • An online magazine includes iFrames and Advertisements. Students are encouraged to include javaScript from a previous class.
  • Information Architechture
    Wire Frames
  • Paper based on testing report
  • Final Presentation

student work

process book

eric harris
jack pardungsin
anna femath


kara schmidt


eric harris
brook jordan
jack pardungsin


kara edwards

anna femath
amilcar ferrufino
jordan hardy
eric harris
steve holtz
jenifer miller
pasha nowrouzi
jack pardungsin

matthew sosa


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